A distributed, transactional,
fault-tolerant object store

Road Map

The following list shows some of the items that are being worked on for future releases of GoshawkDB (0.4 and beyond). I have some very exciting ideas for features once this little lot are all done! If the following list is missing something that's important to you, please let me know.

  • Deleting objects

    At the moment it is not possible to remove objects from the database. In practise this is not a huge issue because GoshawkDB does not hold objects in memory alone and the underlying data store can cope with billions of objects, but this will need to be addressed.

  • More clients

    Currently there are clients in Go and Java. I'll write up a howto for writing clients in other languages.

  • Support for secure websockets transport

    There is a lot of interest in using GoshawkDB from JavaScript. This will require support for the secure websockets transport as currently GoshawkDB only supports TCP.

  • Management and monitoring

    Other than sending SIGUSR1 to GoshawkDB, there is no built in monitoring capability. This needs to be addressed.

  • Extend the Collection Library

    As GoshawkDB pushes work out to the clients, there is need for a general set of compatible data structures in every language: lists, maps, sets, queues etc. The Collections Library currently has a Linear Hash Map, but additional collections are needed.