A distributed, transactional,
fault-tolerant object store

Mailing list

For general discussion of GoshawkDB, there is a public google-groups-based mailing list. The email address for this mailing list is goshawkdb@googlegroups.com

You do not need to have a Google account to use this: you should be able to subscribe by sending an email to goshawkdb+subscribe@googlegroups.com.

Bug reports

GoshawkDB's bug tracker is publicly accessible. However, if you're not certain it's a bug, it's always helpful to report it on the mailing list first.


For enquiries regarding training and support, commercial licensing, or for any other private correspondence, please email info@goshawkdb.io.


GoshawkDB's on twitter as @goshawkdb.


#goshawkdb on Freenode. Do note that I tend to keep to normal daytime in London, England.